Piano Regulation

Piano Regulation of Grand and Upright Pianos.

With extensive experience in the piano industry carrying out piano regulation on both Grand and upright pianos, I can offer an expert service in regulating your piano.

Piano Regulation is a term used to describe the precise adjustment of all the moving parts of a piano to make sure everything works as it should do when you play the piano keys. Factors such as: set off of the piano hammers, checking distance, blow distance, piano spring tension, point of damper lift, Key height, depth of touch, all play a part. There are precise measurements involved in the movement of the action that if not set up correctly it will not play at its best.

Knowing how to get the best out of a piano through regulation takes many years of learning and experience, and I was privileged to have been taught much by an old gentleman who had worked for many years doing action finishing for Danemann Pianos of London. Since starting out in 1990 I have had much experience and opportunity to develop my skills in this interesting field of piano work.

If you feel your piano is not playing at its best and is in need of attention then I would be happy to advise and provide a regulation service.